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Date: Friday, March  15
Time: 9 PM (doors open 7 PM)
Ages: 18 +
(in adv. / at door)


This Chris Cagle may look a little different to those who are used to a louder harder partying version of the star. Rest assured Chris still gets as rowdy as a redneck can get but these days he confines himself to a smaller space the 40 40 stage. And when the shows over he puts on a different hat and heads back to hearth and home. It is there that Chris has found balance and a new passion. Today his biggest off stage thrill is training and raising cutting horses and when he puts on his cowboy boots and favorite hat it is because he is living the true cowboy lifestyle not because he is putting on a show. Cagles self proclaimed version of redneck rock n roll has been firing people up for over a decade and this time around Chris is chomping at the bit for an energetic reintroduction to the country music community that has been a long time coming. Fans will still see flashes of the Chris they know but they will also see the joy and confidence that home life provides him. I am happy. You are gonna hear the smile through the radio Chris says of his new record. For the first time since April 2001 I am truly happy to do it. I have a new lease on all of it. Chris is back with all the energy of a newcomer and the wisdom of a veteran and the renewed passion is contagious. I am at a place in my life where I think about everyone I am working with especially the fans. I thank God that I am in a place in my heart where I am grateful and aware. I am very very very lucky. Cagle still has a fire but his passion is driven by not just music but family and horses and a place he calls home. His fans will recognize the glow and appreciate the authenticity I am a lot like charcoal. Once you light me up I am gonna burn hot for a long long time but if you pour water on me it takes a little effort to get me started again. Bigger Picture Group and my family have helped light that fire for me. So lets throw some gasoline on it light it up and watch it burn.

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